Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ink and Wash

Sometimes simple black and white with maybe a touch of color works great. The family dragged me to go walk in the park... Something I absolutely hate to do! Anyways it was a beautiful day, and I ended up with two ink drawings of the park. I did the basic wash at home. The very light touch of veridian green and the spot of red- just enough color to keep the drawing interesting.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visiting KEMAH -with one E

Went to visit Kemah recently. A small waterfront city just before Galveston. It was the last day of Spring break! What a day to be on the road! Every one was already there and when we reached the Board Walk, it was so crowded, and no parking place! So we ended up going to a restaurant outside the "touristy" spot, and ate tons of crawfish, with songs sung by an amateur singer! It was a nice family time though. Now under the well known Kemah bridge there are some great shops to buy fish from! Though the stores can be quite fishy smelling~ I sat in the car while fish was being bought by the family member. Of course I had my little sketchbook and sketching tools with me. I drew the bridge or overpass (not sure what's the right jargon here)- I used my Lamy filled with Noodlers bulletproof ink. I added the wash later at home to cover some "oops"- I think the black and white turned out great! I like it.:) Ofcourse I misspelt Kemah with an extra "e" in both my sketches! :/