Saturday, September 7, 2013

When on Summer Break....

Oh my!!! It has been a long summer break, took son to get his learners license at the local DPS. Everyone and their grandma was there! Well it pays off to keep your sketch book in the bag! So many interesting people! I love people watching!

This lady was wearing a sarong type of skirt, probably from Indonesia or Nepal or ?? The unknown makes the imagination go on a wild trip, as it creates story in a story in a story! 

Next as I turned, I saw this lady with fascinating dark eyes. She looked like she might have been a model in her younger days- of Hispanic heritage. In front of her was a an African American lady wearing a cool hat. She looked quite bohemian. Maybe she was an artist too!

All this time while I was trying to recreate story after story about each one, in the background a continuous mechanical drone was calling out number after number after number~ it was a very long day!