Monday, June 24, 2013

Remembering Jean

My friend Jean Vandergrift - passed away  recently. She was a nurse educator and loved art. She was an avid supporter of art and art education! So she left her art work to be sold and the proceeds went to Sugar Land Area Artists - Scholarship fund. A bunch of us got together on a Saturday at the local Imperial Sugar Farmers Market and had a booth next to the "flower lady" - it was a good morning and we sold almost all if her art! Thanks Jean!

School ends and Summer begins!

With wrapping up end of school, moving my whole classroom from outside temp building to finally back inside! Taking care of parent stuff and chauffeuring son to drivers Ed!!!! Haven't had as much time to sketch! However, that's when every little sketch moment is so much more precious~! In May since everyone was busy closing shop, it's also the time the kids are reminded about the local libraries summer reading programs. So I took advantage of kids sitting quietly as I sketched them.