Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lost and Found!

Yes i disappeared for a while!! I moved from teaching elementary to high school - and got totally immersed! Not to mention that I also am teaching (and learning) 3D!! well, they call it it ceramics i call it "mixed media in 3D" ~ which makes totally better sense since I do a lot of mixed media art too!
Well, even though i was off the web grid for a tad bit ( one school year!) I did not stop my sketching  or art.

My son is getting ready for college and we went on a college visit road trip, so I did do some exciting sketches then~

Sometimes I get tired of getting hung up on getting down the details in ink, and then I dont want to "just draw" any more. But the atmosphere is still so charged with electricity that I must keep on going. What better way than to start splashing color around to catch the "oomph" of the moment. Was I able to do that with this one?

Rice University Campus

 I went to Rice University too for attending a one week Professional Development on AP 3D. So I thought Id share that not only was son having fun visiting colleges so was mom!  Being a full time art educator and mom and a elder parent caretaker and a wife  and a professional artist and a regular workshop presenter can be quite time consuming! But if I didn't make time to "at least" sketch, Id forget how to breathe!
Rice University Campus