Friday, December 27, 2013

Finding Cinderella

So, how does one get back to becoming inspired? To go back to drawing and sketching? I went back to the foundations. Literally, drawing the basic shapes, shading and practicing the values. Then I started to draw just about what I saw in front for the sake of practice only. I didn't worry about documentation nor story. Sometimes one just needs to draw in a vegetation mode till the ink catches on and wakes up. Then everything happens as a reflex and before you know it, you will have several pages filled with what's happening around you, along with a story to tell. So I guess the point I'm trying to make is that no matter what, don't stop drawing, even when you don't feel inspired. Practice, practice, practice- you never know when inspiration hits you. 

This sketch above was done, when I got lost downtown - trying to find a way back to the freeway. Found myself in a remote, empty, scary underpass. And then suddenly I saw it! A white carriage , Cinderella's Carriage ~ I had to draw it!! 
So what have you been doing to find inspiration?

Back to Sketching

Yes it's been a long time since I posted in my blog~ but I haven't stopped sketching. I've been drawing every chance I get, some are just line practices or calligraphy. I haven't really been anywhere, so I've done a lot of imagination drawings of imaginary scenes! And the few that I did on site, I kept forgetting to take pictures to keep up with the documentation and posting!! Many of my sketches have been around school.
Well the years coming to an end, I'm on winter break- so the family decided to go visit the West Texas family in San Angelo. Hadn't been there since papa passed away. So here are two ink sketches of my sister Mina's backyard (partial) and inside her house. I did the water color after as finishing touch back home.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When on Summer Break....

Oh my!!! It has been a long summer break, took son to get his learners license at the local DPS. Everyone and their grandma was there! Well it pays off to keep your sketch book in the bag! So many interesting people! I love people watching!

This lady was wearing a sarong type of skirt, probably from Indonesia or Nepal or ?? The unknown makes the imagination go on a wild trip, as it creates story in a story in a story! 

Next as I turned, I saw this lady with fascinating dark eyes. She looked like she might have been a model in her younger days- of Hispanic heritage. In front of her was a an African American lady wearing a cool hat. She looked quite bohemian. Maybe she was an artist too!

All this time while I was trying to recreate story after story about each one, in the background a continuous mechanical drone was calling out number after number after number~ it was a very long day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Remembering Jean

My friend Jean Vandergrift - passed away  recently. She was a nurse educator and loved art. She was an avid supporter of art and art education! So she left her art work to be sold and the proceeds went to Sugar Land Area Artists - Scholarship fund. A bunch of us got together on a Saturday at the local Imperial Sugar Farmers Market and had a booth next to the "flower lady" - it was a good morning and we sold almost all if her art! Thanks Jean!

School ends and Summer begins!

With wrapping up end of school, moving my whole classroom from outside temp building to finally back inside! Taking care of parent stuff and chauffeuring son to drivers Ed!!!! Haven't had as much time to sketch! However, that's when every little sketch moment is so much more precious~! In May since everyone was busy closing shop, it's also the time the kids are reminded about the local libraries summer reading programs. So I took advantage of kids sitting quietly as I sketched them.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ink and Wash

Sometimes simple black and white with maybe a touch of color works great. The family dragged me to go walk in the park... Something I absolutely hate to do! Anyways it was a beautiful day, and I ended up with two ink drawings of the park. I did the basic wash at home. The very light touch of veridian green and the spot of red- just enough color to keep the drawing interesting.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visiting KEMAH -with one E

Went to visit Kemah recently. A small waterfront city just before Galveston. It was the last day of Spring break! What a day to be on the road! Every one was already there and when we reached the Board Walk, it was so crowded, and no parking place! So we ended up going to a restaurant outside the "touristy" spot, and ate tons of crawfish, with songs sung by an amateur singer! It was a nice family time though. Now under the well known Kemah bridge there are some great shops to buy fish from! Though the stores can be quite fishy smelling~ I sat in the car while fish was being bought by the family member. Of course I had my little sketchbook and sketching tools with me. I drew the bridge or overpass (not sure what's the right jargon here)- I used my Lamy filled with Noodlers bulletproof ink. I added the wash later at home to cover some "oops"- I think the black and white turned out great! I like it.:) Ofcourse I misspelt Kemah with an extra "e" in both my sketches! :/

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mid Spring Break

So Wednesday spent time with another art educator to go visit a local Hindu Temple and sketch it. It was a beautiful day! It is amazing how we forget to stop and look around at everything right next to us! This is the one exercise we should all do whether we draw or not - just to appreciate life.
This sketch was done using a Lamy fountain pen filled with Noodlers Bulletproof Black ink and water color.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its been a long long time

OMG! It HAS been a long time since I have posted anything!! I have been so busy with school, and setting up next years professional development plans for our teachers that I have not had time to do much else!! I did however, start my spring break off by attending the NAEA ( National Art Educators Association) - National Convention in Fort Worth. This was my first visit to Dallas and I must say it is beautiful!
The opening ceremony party was FANTASTIC! There was an Aztec/Mayan costumed man who blew on a conch shell-that sounded like a blast from the ancient past! Need I say he was probably the most photographed that evening! I also got to ride "Molly the Trolley" (free) and check out the down town!
And of course the beautiful Water Garden too!!
I'm so glad that I sketch! It really made me stop, look and enjoy the beauty of Ft. Worth! I'm ready to go back and see the rest of it!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Passion to Draw

Why sketch? I sketch because the pen or pencil is like an extension of my finger, connected to my brain. Whatever is happening around me, my brain sees, records and enjoys-at the same moment my fingers keep moving, retelling the stories unfolding all around me. Like the ancient scribes - I too must record all that which is around me...I am an art-scriber
It is a passion that cannot be denied as I must draw, draw and draw!
I recently spent an evening sitting by my self at a local pub in Sugar Land Town Square. It was interesting to watch the animation of people around me. I did get some strange looks as they passed by my table with scattered pens - as I kept on drawing for several hours. It was very crowded- and I think they wanted my seat!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, October ended and I have a classroom full of over wired or over tired kids, from all the candy in middle of school week! I love to watch the many costumes flitting in and out off sidewalks and around yards in the neighborhood. The many bling bling strobe like lights flashing back and forth like aliens searching for a spot to land on. Parents frantically trying to keep up with their group of chaperoned kids and continuosly counting the number of winged costumes under their surveillance! The 2-3hours of constant door bells, creaking doors, cackling background, hounds baying and bats swinging - yes, the teacher is tired too! :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Weekend

The weekend began with taking my mom to the Dentist and not picking up after doing dishes in the kitchen. I did use every moment I got to sketch in my little sketchbook.
Like I have mentioned before ~use every moment you get to do quick sketch of life around you. I don't believe in "planning" every drawing in my sketchbook. Be spontaneous! Thats the spice of life! Same in creating art, its the unknown, the happy accidents that make the oomph!
Saturday I attended the monthly art meet with Sugar Land Area Artist and enjoyed a free pastel demo and Sunday evening spent some time at a local restaurant enjoying the ambiance.
Okay so now I am ready to go back to work for the week! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stop and look!

I have been coming and going through the Bush International Airport quite a few times since December 2012, and not once did I notice the decor! Today, I had to sit a bit when I went to pick up my husband at the airport. While he was at the baggage claim, I made these two quick sketches -using the micron ink pens. I used the water color later at home. This just proves that it's really important to stop and look around you~take a moment to pause, or you will miss seeing so much! Keep sketching, and learn to really see what you draw!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pen & Ink w/ Watercolor

Drawing in pen and ink is a great way to cover mistakes when drawing direct and drawing fast, and its better when you use watercolor on top of it. So you don't have to worry if you feel your drawing isn't perfect - as long as you enjoyed making those marks. This is my sketch share for today. Hope you are doing yours too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grapefruits anyone?

So it's 2013, January 1st - and I have not gone out of the house at all! However, my "tall" bro-in-law helped pick grapefruits off our one lonely tree in the backyard. Now we have grapefruits all over!