Saturday, May 31, 2014

I have a block!

have no excuse, so my sincere apologies for neglecting to write for so long! Hand slap! So, let's see, what's been happening since I last wrote ~ March, April and May!!!! Nope didn't really draw spring stuff, my problem was I got a block! The sketchbook I was working in, was almost filled, and I usually start a new sketchbook while I still have space in the old one. This somehow helps me with the transition from old to new. You know what I'm taking about, new sketchbook, blank pages and somehow nothing connects. I tried, but after fiddling through two new sketchbooks (I turned one into a note book), I stopped. I just did not want to draw in the sketchbook that I had ~ we just didn't get along! Then just recently, a few weeks ago, I decided to force draw. I drew something I enjoyed drawing in the past, I knew how to, and it is always in my head. I made a castle imaginary scene. Imagination, what a strong element we have! And so much of it, but sometimes we forget we have it! So having played around bit, and also practicing some basic skills, helped me to sort of wake up again to continue to draw again. Now, I have also joined another group of sketchers, which I am very excited about!! We are about 7 or so, and in different parts of the world. We discuss, chat, analyze, critique, share and enjoy everything about sketching and drawing! We communicate through Skype and have a group page to share our work. This new adventure has awoken me up totally!! All my senses are awake and my fingers have been drawing away! I am definitely inspired!! Here's a few sketches I have done recently ~ 

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